Dulcie's COVID Code

We know you’re sick of them if you want to come and visit us we need you to give us a thumbs up to a few more rules to help us all be social and safe.                                                

Much love and even more appreciation xx



If you feel crook, or show any symptoms of CoVID-19, please seriously consider chucking a sickie, staying at home and putting your feet up!


Contactless payment is encouraged. 


*We are still dealing in cash monies for those of you who use/have started using your mattress as a bank.


Please do your best to be social with 1.5m between you.


It does mean you don't have to worry about food on your face because they won't see it!


If you see your mates 

at a different table, we can’t have you jump ship. We suggest an enthusiastic wave, blowing a kiss or a wink to say g-day.


We need you to register your details when you visit using a QR code. Don't worry, some smartphones have this inbuilt, otherwise we have a device to help sign in! 

Your details are privately stored. We promise not to prank call you.


If just one person from your table could go to the bar to order, to reduce congestion.

If you notice the bar is super busy please come back in a couple of minutes.



We have hand sanitiser around the venue and antibacterial soap in the bathrooms + we are constantly sanitising.

Clean hands and surfaces for everyone!



Please be nice to our staff, if they remind you of these rules.

Remember the pandemic is not their fault.



If you're convinced this is all a conspiracy, we totally get it.

We understand if you don't feel comfortable with these rules.

BUT.. if you do want to visit, we need you to work with us.



We know you’re sick of them, but we just want to keep you in the loop as to what Dulcie's new rules are. They are to help us all keep social, safe and sane.                                So much love and appreciation xx




Because mingling is a no go at the mo. We need to ask you to be seated to drink your drinks. Sadly no standing and sipping allowed.



Just taking this opportunity, while we have you, to remind you that our outdoor area is super dog friendly and we love dogs.



Thank you for all of your support!

Please stay tuned for the ever changing restrictions.

 We are just trying our best to keep everyone safe.

It ain't over yet, but we've got this. 


Stay safe x